Sakura Mochi

Sakuramochi3/3 was Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day) in Japan, and we’ve been doing this get-together potluck party at my friend’s house since a couple of years ago to, again, get back to the roots and tell ourselves to remember where we come from (and of course to enjoy yummy stuff). I made some sakura mochi, which is pink mochi rice + azuki + pickled cherry blossom leaf, and not-so-traditional hishimochi-colored layered cake. It’s pretty simple to make and everybody loves it. Here is a brief recipe if you wanna try.

  • 4 cups mochi rice
  • 1 package (17.6oz/500g) red bean paste
  • 12-15 pickled sakura leaves
  • tiny bit of red food color

Cook the mochi rice with colored water in a rice cooker. While you wait, make 1.5” balls of azuki. Once the rice is done, mix and mush the rice a little. Spread the rice on a plastic wrap about 6” wide and a little less than 1/2” thickness. Place the azuki ball, grab the whole thing with plastic, roll into a nice round shape. Wrap the mochi with 1 pickled leaf. If you don’t know how to make the pickled leaf or can’t find it anywhere, just sprinkle a little salt for the taste. Still taste good.

Looking forward to the day I make this with my dear daughter (maybe in 2 years?).


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